Online Advertising Solutions for Local Business

We offer various digital marketing strategies and customized online advertising solutions that help companies to connect and communicate with the audience. Whether you own a start-up, a growing company, or a legacy operation—we design and execute the right program for your business.

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Strategic Analytics

We will provide you with an in-depth Executive Report detailing your current market position vs your competition, and your growth month to month based on seven key marketing factors.

 You can access your marketing data 24/7 with our online dashboard, receive monthly or quarterly reports, or work with our strategic planning teams.

Actionable Advice

At Mike Hamm Communications, we have a team that is well-versed in identifying the major areas of improvement along with upcoming opportunities. We provide our customers with optimal marketing solutions and help them take their business to the next level. We go above and beyond to offer the best quality services to our customers for a better ROI.

Online Advertising Solutions and Services

At Mike Hamm Communications, we offer our customers DIY marketing tools, comprehensive marketing solutions, and everything in between. We’ve catered to hundreds of businesses over the past 30+ years and developed detailed strategies and programs to grow their businesses.

Everything You Need to Make Your Business Grow

digital ads

Digital Advertising

Do they KNOW about you?

In today’s business
environment, your online presence can be a significant source of revenue. We provide strategic tools and top-notch services to build your brand and get your message out to the world.


Reputation Management

Do they TRUST you?

Online reviews can make or break your progress. Our monitoring and management system gives you the power to ask for, reply to, and profit from online reviews. Fresh reviews and fast management are GOLD!


Search Engine Optimization

Are you their FIRST choice?

Most purchases start with an online search. We make sure you are on the top of the page when people look for you and your services.

social media

Social Media Mastery

Do they LIKE you?

Managing your social media presence doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive if you have us by your side. We will assist you in publishing more content, tracking your posts, and managing paid ads across multiple platforms. We can help keep up your social game.


Listings Management

Can they FIND you?

Your business information is listed on numerous sites across the internet. Inconsistent or incorrect information damages your credibility and your organic search ranking.

Get in touch with Mike Hamm Communications to create and manage accurate listings for your business where ever they are found.



Website and SEO

Will they BUY from you?

Your website is your online storefront. It can also be a cash register. We’ll help get your website or E-commerce store up and running quickly. Our easy-to-navigate websites are attractive and create a user experience customers will return to over and over. We build and maintain quality websites that allow you to compete in the online environment.