When a customer searches for restaurants in Google, the search engine shows them restaurants close to their current location, or when they are shopping for fashion from a global brand, they see the collection and price tag that are relevant to their collection. This is how geo-targeted advertising works.

Geo-targeted Advertising is the mastermind behind all this. From showing relevant content to a larger audience in a specific location to marketing a particular product to customers within a predefined geographical boundary, geo-targeting marketing is a must-have marketing technology that all businesses should wield. This blog will give you detailed insights into what geo-targeted advertising is and how it is helpful to increase your conversion rate

What Is Geo-Targeted Advertising?

In simple terms, geo-targeting delivers the right advertising content to the right audience (location) at the right time. Technically, geotargeting provides advertising content based on the consumer’s real-time or historical location. Geo-targeting can also target consumers meeting specific criteria within the predefined demographic location. Recent advancements in geo-marketing technology have enabled brands to go even further. For example, at Mike Hamm Communication, the geo-targeting specialists can target users based on their behavior and demographics in addition to their location. 

How Does Geo-targeting works? 

Geo-targeting software has the infrastructure to detect customers’ locations using a metro code/zip code, organization, IP address, and ISP. Geo-targeting technology can also analyze and include the people in the target list who visited a specific location in the past. Search advertisers then display ads based on the location. As discussed earlier, geotargeting can target a defined radius and exclude a specific location. Languages, currencies, local offers, and visual cues are all customized in the advertisements based on the market and geographic reach of the brand. Geo-targeting is a windfall for small and medium-sized businesses that rely on foot traffic or home deliveries. 

Benefits of Geo-targeting

The untapped potential is huge in geo-targeting. As of 2022, the number of mobile internet users in Canada stood at a staggering 35.9 million, and by 2027, Canada’s mobile population is projected to surpass 39 million users. Over 95% of Canadian millennials now own a smartphone. Businesses can cater to this large audience and increase their conversion rate by relying on geotargeting and delivering personalized marketing strategies. Small and medium-sized businesses can focus their marketing efforts on the specific locations where they will find the right customers. Even for locations separated by 10 km, businesses can run different ads optimized for audiences in those places. 

Personalized Marketing: Geo-targeting technology can help businesses deliver personalized marketing content to specific demographics and increase lead generation. 

Greater Engagement with Customers: As geotargeting is also based on customers’ behavior, customers naturally find the marketing campaigns relatable, resulting in improved customer relationships and greater engagement. 

Cost-effective Marketing Budget: Since, through geotargeting, you know who and where you are targeting, you won’t be flushing money down the drain for marketing strategies. Accurate targeting ensures your marketing is effective.

Hide Ads from Competitors: Competitors will never know what hit them. Using geotargeting, businesses can exclude the locations of competitors based on their IP location. Additional perk – businesses can save money by not targeting the competitors’ employees. Thus, it saves time and money. 

If you want to use geo-targeting to market your business to a specific location or display your advertisement to particular demographics, look no further than Mike Hamm Communications. At Mike Hamm Communication, we help you deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. Schedule a consultation meeting with our strategy team to help you develop the appropriate message and platform for your needs.