Competition levels are high in the health and wellness industry. So if you want your health and wellness practice to stand out, it’s vital to invest in reputation management. Stats show that over 81% of patients research and consider online reviews before selecting a healthcare provider.

Online reviews give patients a clear idea of the patient care quality they can expect from your practice. These reviews can not only help you gain new patients but also help you identify areas that require improvement and attention. Here is why reviews are important in the health and wellness industry.

Reputation Management Improves Practice Credibility

The first place people go to when for healthcare provider recommendations is often Google. Research suggests that the average modern customer reads around 10 reviews before choosing a product, service, or business. Hence, healthcare reputation management is practically vital for healthcare practitioners.

A strong online presence and image are one of the best ways to gain the trust of potential patients. Online reviews and ratings across Google and other search engines will form your prospective patient’s first impression of your practice.

Managing Bad Reviews

It could take years for healthcare and wellness practices to build a solid online presence. However, negative reviews from dissatisfied patients could severely impact your reputation adversely. This is why it’s essential to manage negative reviews and poor ratings at the earliest. While you may be able to remove negative reviews posted on your website, this option is typically not available in other spaces.

So the best strategy here would be to reach out to the customer directly, address their concerns, answer their questions and give them the necessary reassurance. You may also consider creating a format for responding to positive and negative reviews regularly. Quick responses will help patients know that you care about their opinions. This will prevent existing and potential patients from having the wrong impression of your business or practice.

Opportunity to Gain Valuable Feedback

Reputation management is an excellent way to gain insights into what patients have to say about your healthcare and wellness business. Feedback forms, surveys, and information from review websites can help you come up with more ideas for ways to improve and provide better experiences to your patients. You can use reputation management to understand why patients had a strikingly positive or negative experience.

Increase Your Patient Volume and Outrank Your Competition

Effective reputation management will help you gain an edge over your competition and increase your market share. However, it’s essential to understand that the scope of reputation management extends beyond reviews and ratings. Your medical practice listings in Healthgrade, Facebook, Yelp and other platforms are all impactful means to connect and build lasting relationships with your customers.

Reputation management is a critical process that requires careful planning and strategic action. Hence, it may be best to let professionals handle the job. Our experts at Mike Hamm Communication can help you monitor and manage all aspects of your healthcare and wellness practice. Book a consultation with us today