Strategic Analytics, Actionable Advice, and Essential Marketing Tools

Digital Advertising Agency

We Know Marketing

Through all the innovations, opinions, and hype in the field of online marketing, some things remain constant – telling a good story, earning customer trust, and meeting your client’s needs. As your Digital Advertising Agency, we will provide online marketing tools, services and advice that you need.

Strategic Analytics

We track seven key marketing factors and give you 24/7 access to insightful data with our Business App. that provides a clear and current analysis of all the things impacting your online presence. Simple charts and data make decision making easy.

Actionable Advice

We offer optimal marketing solutions and a step-by-step plan to take your business to the next level by correctly identifying the problem areas and the areas of opportunity. We strive to provide you with top-notch services and deliver outstanding results, leading to an increased ROI.

Essential Marketing Tools

At Mike Hamm Communications, we offer our customers DIY marketing tools, comprehensive marketing solutions, and everything in between. As your local advertising agency, we draw on years of media marketing experience and the power of the robust Vendasta marketing platform to provide you with the tools and strategy to succeed. 

Tools for Business

Partner with Mike Hamm Communications to manage online reviews, widen your customer base, and earn followers. We will also assist you in building customer relationships and generating more sales to help your business grow with leading online marketing tools and services.

Branded Consumer Content

Storytelling is one the most potent forms of communication. Tell your story your way with professionally-crafted articles by expert writers. Take control of your narrative and communicate with your audience using authentic and meaningful content with our state-of-the-art online marketing tools.

Advertising and Marketing

At Mike Hamm Communications, you will get access to some of the most powerful advertising tools such as local advertising, search ads, and pay-per-click to target the right audience and drive traffic to your website. We’ll show you how and why you need these tools to enhance your business.

Logo and Ad Design

Our creative designers will assist you with attractive logo and ad designs along with skillful usage of words, colors, and images. Good-quality graphic design will help deliver your message clearly and concisely to the audience. Whether you’re running a Facebook ad or creating a whole new brand for your business, we can help. 


New Business Start-up

As a new business defining your brand, and how you will present that image to the marketplace is your roadmap to success. Like all great plans, being flexible to change is as important as the plan. We will ask the tough questions and help you find your way.

Reporting, Strategy, and Analytics

Keep track of your digital marketing campaign’s effectiveness. Building a brand, increasing search engine optimization, and focusing on geo-targeted digital display ads need a robust tracking and reporting system to maximize ROI. We offer strategy, reporting, and powerful marketing tools at various support levels.

Successful Marketing Isn’t Simple.

But Our Process Is.

24/7 access to all your marketing data from a single Digital Marketing Dashboard.


Schedule a Consultation

Our consultation process begins with a free 15-minute discovery conversation where we discuss your current marketing situation and set a time for a more detailed discussion to establish a plan to move forward.


Deep-Dive Analytics Report

Our Executive Report provides you with details about your actual online footprint and it compares your company’s performance with that of your competitors and with data from your industry and region.


Start your engines

Based on your goals and budget, we suggest and implement strategies. As we build your online presence, you will generate better leads that will convert to happy, loyal customers.